Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun Times and a Trip!

We have been so busy around here! I hate saying that because there are so many more people who are busier than we are, but for some reason, the last few months have flown by and I'm not really sure where they went!

The boys are still the best of friends. Their favorite thing to do is get in my bed to watch a movie and then fall asleep together. It's really the cutest thing in the world.

Jackson turned 8 (!) in March. He's growing faster every day and it's super exciting to watch, but kind of sad too. He is so smart and sweet and still a little stinker at times. He came along on my 14 mile run this afternoon and rode his bike the entire way. I was impressed!

Seth and I also got to see the Pixies a few months ago - definitely an amazing performance and every song was better than the rest. They sang non-stop for over 2 hours and included a couple songs from their new album which is just as fantastic as everything preceding it. 

This has been a bucket list item of ours for years so to finally fulfill it and have the whole experience be even better than we had built it up to be was perfection.

If you have no idea who the Pixies are, I feel very sad for you and your life is incomplete. Get thee to Pandora or YouTube and make it right. 

Tucker and the lollipop that he found have to be included somewhere in here…..No, he was not allowed to take it home.

For Spring break, we took a trip to Carlsbad Caverns. Ruger insisted on facing the back window on the way to the boarding kennel. For a dog that gets massively carsick and refuses to look out the front window on car rides, it would have been a loooooong trip if we had brought him too.

Fun fact: Ruger runs with me in the mornings and then spends the rest of his life rotating between his favorite spot on the couch and the boys' beds; sleeping as if his life depends on it. When we picked him up from the kennel, they told us that he was the life of the party, made a best friend and played nonstop the entire time. Ummmm, what? I think they had him confused with another dog.

The boys loved the pool at our hotel and we had a hard time getting them out and off to supper.

We stayed in Roswell the first night and stopped at the UFO Museum on our way to the Caverns the next morning.

Tucker could not get over the fact that he could see the alien's butt cheeks.

We were almost done walking through the museum when smoke blew out of the UFO. The boys rushed to check it out, but stated safely behind the wall……just in case.

After the museum, we made our way to Carlsbad Caverns. It's one of my favorite places to visit so it was fun to introduce Seth and the boys to it as well.

The boys have been playing Minecraft and talk non stop about rocks and minerals, making this the perfect time to visit. The Caverns rocked their world…..See what I did there?

After picking out some souvenirs, the boys slept soundly for hours. All that fresh cave air must have done the trick.

One last thing: My next marathon is June 1st in Steamboat Springs and I've been breaking in these babies for it. I've had a couple pairs of Mizuno Wave Creations most recently, but the Brooks Pureflows are cheaper so I decided to give them a try. They're okay, but I think I'm going back to the Mizuno's once these wear out. I have been able to run a lot faster during speed work with these, but I'm not sure if it's me actually improving, my GPS being jacked up, or if it's the shoes.

I'm starting to get nervous/excited for the race!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Old Mizuno's Hurt

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea to put my yaktraxs on my old pair of Mizuno's instead of my newer ones so that I wouldn't have to take them on and off each time it snowed. I ran three miles and had the beginnings of a blister, but forgot by this morning.

I got up this morning and put my tight pants on.
(if you want to learn more about tight pants, click here)
You're welcome.

Put on my shoes, ran half a mile, and realized that I not only had a blister, but that my heel was cut open, blood was probably pooling in my shoe, and I most likely had the beginnings of gangrene and would have to amputate my foot before I reached home.

Okay, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But, it still hurt and getting in the shower after was complete torture.

 That'll teach me for wearing old shoes. I should just donate them and get them out of the house. I don't remember for sure, but I think I had about 350 miles on them before the plastic in the back wore through completely and started to jab me in the heels.

I was thinking about switching to a different brand or style of shoe that would help me cope with my heel rubbing issues, but I had to switch these out two weeks before my marathon, so I just went with the same exact shoe for the second pair. Any suggestions on what I should go to next would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Too Cold!

I never make New Year's resolutions because I am way too lazy to follow through on them, so I make "unofficial" ones instead.

One of my resolutions is to run even on days when I think it's too cold…….like today when it was -13 Fahrenheit. I mean, really, we moved from Minnesota to get away from this kind of cold. It made me feel a tiny bit better though when I checked the weather in our home town in North Dakota and saw they were at -18.

Ruger was so excited to go out that he couldn't quite sit down but was trying his hardest to be polite as he waited for me to dress for the cold.

I bundled up in running tights, old Columbia sweat pants, fleece lined blaze orange hunting shirt hand me down from Seth, double layered Columbia winter coat, two beanies, a scarf, running gloves, snowmobile gloves and my new yak tracks that I received from Seth for Christmas.

The only thing I didn't have was booties for poor Ruger's feet. We made it two blocks before he started limping from the cold so we turned around and raced back home as fast as we could.

I did a 10 minute workout that I found on Pinterest instead while Ruger stuffed his face with dog food.

Tomorrow should be warmer, so here's hoping we make it further than two blocks next time!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Family Visit

Hey there! We had an awesome Christmas and hope that you did too!

Here's our family photo and a couple of the kiddos. I think they get cuter every day, but I might be biased.

I usually save my vacation and take about 1 1/2 weeks off at the end of the year and Seth was laid off of work for 2 weeks at the same time this year, so we all got to be home together for the boys' entire school break.

We went to Seth's younger sister's house for Christmas Eve

and then everyone came over to our place for Christmas Day.

I made some lefse that turned I had prepped a couple days before and then was too lazy to make.

My parents came to visit after Christmas and brought the boys some boxing gloves that were literally a hit. Haha!

They were only here for one full day so we made the most of it by driving up to the mountains and tubing.

There wasn't much snow once we got up there, but there was still plenty on the tubing hill, so it worked.

And lastly, my grandma sent a story book for the boys with a recording of her reading the book to them. It is the sweetest thing ever and by far their favorite Christmas present. Thanks Grandma!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Seth May Have Broken the Pickup, But I Took the Car Out

So……Remember how Seth broke the drive shaft on the pickup? Well, I drove the two blocks to drop Jackson off at school one day last week and noticed a strange sound as I pulled up to the school. One tire was completely flat. After getting Jackson safely into the school, I drove home, filled the tire with air and managed to cause the tire pressure gauge to fly apart into little pieces. 

The next day, it snowed, so I brought out the only shovel that I could find and broke it on my second scoop.

We have a spade, so I used that with Jackson's "help" and it sort of worked.

Tucker wanted to help, so I let him use a broom by the side door.

Seth picked up a new snow shovel at my request, but I think he must have misheard me because he brought home another grain shovel instead…...

Also, I dropped my phone into the cup holder of my car as I was backing out of the garage one morning and it landed on the garage door opener that was already in there. Needless to say, the door started coming down as I started backing out and left a nice scrape on the roof of my car. The garage door is only slightly bowed out and not enough to be noticeable unless you know it's there, but it still bothers me.

Seth was nice and buffed the scratch out of the paint for me.

Oh, and remember the flat tire? The leak was in the sidewall (no, I was not driving along curbs), so I had to replace all four of the tires thanks to my car being all wheel drive.

Merry Christmas to me?

Seth got to replace his parent's van with a courtesy Rogue from the dealership until his pickup is done which will hopefully be sometime late next week. If not, I think he likes the Rogue a lot more than he thought he would, and with his history of switching up vehicles……..

After buying new treads for my car, I just had to treat myself to some new ones as well. I picked the pair on the left. DSW was having a sale and I had an extra $20 off so they were super cheap. My 2 year-old boots are on their last leg (har, har) so it's nice to have a car without holes in the tires and boots without holes in the heels.

Sadly, all of those expenditures meant that we stayed home on Black Friday and are not planning any purchases on Cyber Monday either.

So, in case you were expecting a Christmas present from me this year, please don't hold your breath. It should be arriving some time around December 2014….